Retail & Farm Scales in Southwestern Ontario

Global Scales & Systems Inc offers scales sales and services for agricultural industries such as fruits and vegetables to manufacturing and meat and poultry processing applications. We provide scales that keep your records accurate and your business in Southwestern Ontario functioning.

Bench, Floor, and Hanging Scale Solutions

No matter the brand of scale you currently have in Southwestern Ontario, the scale professionals at Global Scales & Systems Inc are the ones to call when you need calibration, repairs, or a preventative maintenance program. And if you require a new bench scale, installing an additional counting scale, or need repairs to your floor scale, we can get to your location quickly, perform and necessary repairs, and let you get back to business ASAP.

Bench Scales

We carry, repair, and calibrate scales from most major manufacturers and most applications. We fully understand your needs for fast, accurate measuring supplied by your bench scale, and that it should work flawlessly. Whether you rely upon your bench scale to keep your Southwestern Ontario shipping business humming, retail customers happy with your accurate fruit and meat prices, or anything else, we understand how important they are.

Counting Scales

Counting scales offer big advances in efficiency for businesses that produce multiples of the same product. They can boost quality by ensuring you are selling your customer what the label says, and of course save time and reduce human errors as well.

Floor Scales

Floor scales in Southwestern Ontario are essential for the operation of your factory, warehouse, or farm. They do a lot of hard work and “heavy lifting” for you and your employees, and are hence in need of calibration, preventative maintenance, and repairs from companies like Global Scales & Systems.

Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are similar to crane scales. In Southwestern Ontario they are typically used to measure meat and poultry. Being that they are portable and often used outdoors, they are subject to not only the elements but also dirt, bumps, and other physical challenges.

Livestock Scales

Livestock scales in Southwestern Ontario are expensive, but when they are installed and calibrated by the scale professionals at Global Scales & Systems, they can be worth their weight in gold. Heads of cattle are no small animal or investment, and getting a fair and accurate price is always in your best interest.

Retail Scales

Global Scales & Systems makes sure you are choosing the retail scale that is right for you and of course repair almost any retail scale you have, regardless of make or model.