Industrial Scales & Weighing Solutions

Properly calibrated and function scales are a must for a lot of industries in Southwestern Ontario, and a trusted company like Global Scales & Systems Inc is a must for scale service, installation, and preventative maintenance.

Global Scale and Systems Is Committed Traceable Scale Calibration

Traceability is key when it comes to the testing and calibration of scale systems in Southwestern Ontario. We offer Certificates of Calibration that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) and or Weights and Measures Department of Government of Canada. That’s peace of mind for audits in Ontario and more assurance if you are shipping and receiving in Michigan and beyond.

Lift Truck and Pallet Jack Scales Services

Lift truck and pallet jack scales are an innovation that has radically transformed industrial shipping and receiving. That’s because it allows for the weighing of loads while they are on the lift truck, saving the time and trouble of moving the load to a stationary scale, unloading, weighing, then reloading. Efficiency and human error are greatly reduced when pallet jack scales are utilized in warehouses in Southwestern Ontario.

To maintain that efficiency edge though, regular calibration, service, and preventative maintenance should be routine. The professional scale technicians at Global Scales & Systems offer 24/7 service and support of lift truck and pallet jack scales throughout Southern Ontario, and are known for their competitive rates and quick response times. That’s why it makes good business sense to call them for all your lift truck and pallet jack scales needs.

Calibration & Repairs for Heavy Capacity Scales

Whether your Southwestern Ontario business is in the manufacturing, chemical, transportation, or chemical industries, the scale technicians at Global Scales & Systems can handle all your scale installations, repairs, and calibrations. As dedicated and highly trained professionals, they offer scale services for weighing systems in wet and dry industrial settings. There is no typical scale that they calibrate or repair, and they often work on floor scales that measure from 300 kg to 12,000 kg.

Hopper Scale Sales & Services

Hopper scales are an essential part of most chemical and food-processing plants. A well-designed and maintained hopper and hopper scale can save countless hours and dollars, provided it is reliable and accurate.