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We bring over 20 years of experience in the weighing industry and represent major manufacturers such as AnD, Ishida, Ohaus, Sartorious, Mettler-Toledo, Averyweightronix, Doran, DiGi and Fairbanks to name a few. We bring experience from various industries like chemical products, textile, plastics, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat processing, packaging, good and beverage manufacturing, poultry, custom manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and distribution, wholesale, seafood and various other sectors.

While Working with various manufacturers who are leaders in the weighing industry, we have established a solution methodology that works for our customers no matter how large or small. We offer personal interaction, support, unmatched professionalism and service that the customers of today demand. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to improving our quality and to bringing you complete weighing solutions from design conceptions to application. By establishing closer ties with our partners throughout the industry we can offer cost effective measurements while bringing you a quality product that you can rely on. Whether you are looking for a standard weighing scale, or need to modify an existing weighing process, Global Scales and Systems can provide the solution!

Our expertise in weighing solutions cover many industries, our product line caters for a wide variety of industrial applications from simple scales to custom weighing system integration. Whether your requirement is electronic custom weighing systems, interchangeable replacement load cells, custom load cells and weighing assemblies, or special applications such as force measurement, center of gravity, or process and batching control by weight or simple scale, we'll provide an innovative and economical solution, walk you through from the initial stage till you are satisfied, and the job is done. Stay by your side long after the sale; because we work for you. We offer a wide variety of load cells, Indicators and component configurations for virtually every new or old weighing system, scale or component replacement possibility.

Technical and after-sale support, attention to detail and to your special requirements, are second to none in the industry. With over two decades of experience in the industry and capabilities we provide a unique blend of innovation, feet-on-the-ground common sense, unyielding quality standards and products. Our company also designs and fabricates platform scales to meet your special needs. These are locally fabricated platforms and the savings are passed on to you.

Global Scales and Systems offers a wide selection of industrial weighing scales to suit every budget. All of our industrial weighing scales are constructed from high quality materials and are made to last. We offer products from leading manufacturers. If you can't find the product you require or just need some friendly advice then please feel free to contact us.